Distinctive Signs: Trademarks and Trade Names

Distinctive Signs: Trademarks and Trade Names

Distinctive signs: Trademarks (National, Community and International) and Trade Names

Iberpatent as an Industrial Property Agency has knowledge of the framework of national legislation on industrial property and its interrelation with others of international and community scope.

Within the formalities of a procedure in the field of industrial property are understood the actions related to the request, processing, opposition, formulation of answer to the suspense, priority claim, change of ownership, payment of fees, formulation of appeals and a long etcetera.

Within the procedure for obtaining a trademark registration, the work of the Industrial Property Agent could be listed in the following points:

  1. Study of the distinctive sign you want to register.
  2. Searches prior to registering your trademark to determine its viability for registration.
  3. Registration of your brand.
  4. Maintenance and Surveillance of your brand
  5. Periodic reviews
  6. Advice on granting licenses to third parties