Maintenance and Surveillance of your brand

4. Maintenance and Surveillance of your brand

Our surveillance service detects the publication of any brand, in the official gazettes of any country. We promptly notify you of renewal of rights and in case of violation we can file opposition with the corresponding body in any country in the world.

Surveillance of the registration requested during its processing.

  • Control of the deposited File, writing down in our computer base the data referring to the number and date of presentation assigned to the application.
  • Control of the publication of the application for registration and verification of the same in the corresponding Industrial Property Bulletin, be it the Official Bulletin of Industrial Property (BOPI of National Trademarks), the Bulletin of Community Trademarks or the Gazette of International Trademarks .
  • Review of the File in order to obtain information on the entry in it of possible opposition from third parties.
  • Obtaining, where appropriate, the Official Notification of Suspension of Processing and possible opposing briefs.
  • Answer to the suspense to initiate defense of the File (after obtaining data on the opponent; study of the possible prohibition of registration indicated in the suspense).
  • Control of the resolution and obtaining the notification of resolution communication.
  • Control and verification of the publication of the resolution.
  • Obtaining the Title of Registration Concession.

Surveillance of the registration requested during its processing.

  • Annotation of the registration data for the calculation of deadlines to carry out the necessary procedures for its maintenance in force.
  • Review of the Industrial Property Bulletins (National, International and Community) to detect the presence of new applications for registration that could present graphic, phonetic and conceptual similarity, in order to formulate opposition.
  • The growing demand for registration and the abundance of registered industrial property rights in all areas, determines that companies, both public and private, decide to entrust the work of registration and control of their distinctive signs to professional Industrial Property Agents, in recognition of their degree of specialization and training to resolve increasingly complex acts and procedures, guaranteeing the control and vigilance of their interests.